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Hi. I'm Sam, and I am an Italian Greyhound. When I was a puppy, a young couple bought me as a pet, but sadly, they did not know the proper way to potty train me, and so they abused me instead. I was so tiny that when they hit me, they broke my ribs and one of my legs.

Thankfully, when I was six months old, I was rescued by a nice lady named Nicole. She brought me to her home and she and her Newfoundland companion dog became my foster parents. It took me two years to fully trust Nicole, but when I finally did, I found out how good a tummy rub feels!

Nicole was so good to me, and she did a fantastic job of socializing me with people and other dogs so I could allow myself to be loved because I am very sweet, and I love everybody!

One day, Nicole needed a pet sitter to care for me because she was traveling, so she called Jeanette Jordan. I immediately loved Jeanette and I could tell she loved me too. We played frisbee and had so much fun! She told me I am a little All-Star, as I caught every throw, so I gave her lots of kisses and tail wags to show her how much I loved her and appreciated her time with me.

When Nicole first rescued me, it was with the intention of fostering me back to health and eventually placing me in a good forever home. So, when Jeanette asked Nicole if I could come and live at her house, Nicole was very happy because she knew Jeanette would love me forever.

I am so glad to be sharing a home with Jeanette and her three cats, Kelly, Chester and Baby. I don't mind telling you that Jeanette spoils me! We play frisbee and chase, and she gives me kisses, and I get to snuggle under the covers with her at night. Nicole says I am very blessed to have Jeanette to love me and take good care of me, but Jeanette says she is the one who has been blessed! I think they're both right!



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